Do you need a receipt printer with the Cash Drawer?

Yes, a receipt printer is needed to automatically pop open the Cash Drawer. The receipt printer connects to the Cash Drawer via an included RJ-12 cable, and will send a signal to pop the drawer when a receipt is printed. This does have to be a wired connection, and will not work wirelessly.

Here is a list of compatible printers that we have test and verified are compatible for use with the Cash Drawer:

  • Star Micronics TSP143L Receipt Printer
  • Star Micronics FVP-10 Series Receipt Printer
  • Star Micronics TSP650II Series Receipt Printer (Ethernet)
  • Star Micronics TSP654II BTi Receipt Printer
  • Star Micronics TSP654II WebPRNT Receipt Printer
  • Star Micronics TSP700II Series Receipt Printer
  • Epson OmniLink TM-T70II-i Receipt Printer
  • Epson OmniLink TM-T88V-i Receipt Printer
  • Epson TM-T20II Receipt Printer
  • Epson TM-T70II Receipt Printer
  • Epson TM-T88V Receipt Printer
  • Epson TM-U220B Receipt Printer
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