Which tablets are compatible with this product?

If you scroll down, each of our product pages has a product compatibility chart that will look something like this: 


Here are a few general compatibility rules-of-thumb:

  • If a tablet is not listed as a compatible device, it will not work with our product.
  • Compatible tablet lines will typically be called out in the name of the product (e.g. Stand Tall for iPad Pro 12.9). 
  • If a product is listed as "for iPad" with no size denoted, it's safe to assume that it's for the standard 9.7 inch iPad.
  • All of our products that are made for 9.7 inch iPads will work with all 9.7 inch iPads from the Fifth Generation and later, as well as all 9.7 inch Pro models and all versions of Air.
  • Our line of products for the iPad mini will work with all current versions of iPad mini.
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