What kind of POE adapter do I need?

So you want to deliver constant power to your tablet via a Power Over Ethernet (POE) adapter. Heckler Design currently offers three options for you, and this article will help you determine the differences between the models so you can know which one fits your needs the best.


T241 - PoE Splitter with Lightning Cable (Direct Install, Power-only)

Produced by POE Texas, this adapter converts the power from a standard ethernet cable into power your tablet can use. This version was developed specifically for use with our Wall Mount line of products, as it installs directly into the frame of the mount, with no gangboxes or behind-the-wall storage needed. It provides power but no data, so if you plan on using one of our Wall Mounts and just using WiFi to bring data to your tablets, this is the PoE adapter you'll want! Again, note that this exclusively installs inside our Wall Mount line of products and is not compatible with any of our other products. 


T255 - PoE Splitter with Lightning Cable (Encased, Power & Data)

Produced by POE Texas, this adapter converts the power from an ethernet cable into power your tablet can use, and also provides the option to deliver data to your tablet as well. Out of the box, this unit will only provide power, and additional cabling will need to be purchased from Apple to enable data delivery (details on the product page linked above). The enclosed nature of this POE adapter vs the open design of the T241 means that, while it won't directly install into our products, it is usable by a wider range of our product line. Note that it will need to be housed in either the rear-compartment that is featured on some of our products (such as Side Mount and Multi Mount), or a gangbox behind our Wall Mounts or Frames.


T267 - Gigabit + PoE Adapter for iPad

Produced by Redpark, this unit connects iPads and iPhones to ethernet and uses power over ethernet (PoE) to charge the device. This enables an iPad to receive both data and power over a single Ethernet cable when connected to a PoE-enabled switch or PoE injector. This iPad ethernet adapter is instantly recognized as a network connection. The ethernet connection is available for use by any iOS app and can be configured using the 'Settings' app on the iPad when running iOS 10.0 (or later). The adapter physically connects to the iPad or iPhone using the included Lightning to USB Micro B cable. It supports 10/100/1000 networking and provides bandwidth up to 225 Mbps. Similar to the T255, it will need to be housed in either a rear-compartment or a gangbox.

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